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Kitchen Remodel – Splashback Ideas & Trends

One of the most exciting things about a kitchen remodel is choosing a splashback to complement your overall layout and colour scheme. But there are so many different styles, colours, and materials for splashbacks these days it can be difficult to decide.

We look at how to choose the right splashback, what’s available on the market and on-trend ideas.

Why use a splashback?

Splashbacks are installed for functionality, to protect the walls above the kitchen stovetop and prep area, but they’re also an important design feature in a kitchen remodel. A funky or eye catching splashback can tie in the entire design of your kitchen and really make a statement. There’s no chance of a dull and boring kitchen if you choose the right splashback.

Choosing the right splashback for your kitchen remodel

The key to choosing the right splashback is to select the materials and colours for every other feature in your custom kitchen first, such as the custom cabinetry, hardware and benchtop. This helps narrow down the options for splashbacks and lets you pick the best material and colour to complement your kitchen remodel and tie everything together perfectly.

Here’s a look in more detail at the variety of materials you can use to create a traditional or contemporary splashback design.

yellow glass splashback

Glass splashback

A solid colour glass splashback creates a super sleek visual experience in a contemporary kitchen remodel. To add more punch, go for dark cabinetry and contrast it with neutral colours such as white or light grey in your splashback. For a bold dramatic statement in a beige or white kitchen, select a vibrant brightly coloured splashback or a metallic finish. With digital technology, the possibilities are endless for printing patterns, graphics or photos onto glass to create a personalised splashback that reflects your unique style and taste.

Mirrored splashback

A popular alternative to glass, is the mirrored splashback. These are great for small kitchens as they really open up the area and bounce light around the room, they also look stylish and sophisticated. If you don’t want the full mirror effect you can also get tinted versions such as bronze, rose gold, silver grey, smoke and black.

Stainless steel splashback

A stainless steel splashback looks fantastic in an industrial-style or contemporary space. Smooth and pressed metals are on trend at the moment, so a lot of people with contemporary homes are choosing stainless steel kitchen splashbacks because they’re easy to clean and add a modern feel.

Tiled splashback

Tiles are a traditional material for splashbacks but they never go out of fashion. This is because there are so many colours, patterns, textures and styles to choose from. With tiles it’s easy to give a kitchen remodel a pop of colour, create a statement with the layout or get personal with an intricate design.

Brick splashback

Exposed brick can bring a textural element to your custom kitchen splashback. Recycled bricks in three or four different colour blends work well with industrial-style spaces and add warmth and depth.

Timber splashback

A timber splashback can look stunning and there are so many different types and colours of timbers you can use to create different moods. Wood needs a little more care to keep looking beautiful, with regular oiling and waxing to seal it so water and stains can’t penetrate. You can also get it covered in clear glass to protect it. 

Trending splashback materials & colours

If you want to get amongst the trendsetters, then here are some of the hottest looks for splashbacks right now:

• Contrasting a tiled splashback with kitchen cabinets, e.g. white cabinets with black subway tiles with white grout vs darker cabinets with a bright white tile.
• Matte splashbacks in soft muted colours such as navy blue, chocolate brown and green
• Pressed metal splashbacks to add a unique pattern and texture to a plain kitchen
• Sealed polished copper sheeting for glamour or weathered copper for a rustic appearance
• Tiles with fancy patterns or bold geometric patterns such as 3D look cubes
• Butterfly marble splashbacks using two cuts of one piece of stone for a mirror effect
• Continuing your splashback material up to the ceiling to add grandeur to the space.

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