Best Kitchen Pantry Designs

When renovating or installing a new kitchen you need to take into consideration the best kitchen pantry designs for your space. The right pantry should make food storage and preparation a breeze and be a fully functional feature of your kitchen.

What Do Cabinet Makers Do?

Cabinet Makers or Carpenters?

Cabinet makers in Melbourne will be experts in a range of different jobs and like most trades they will specialise in different types of projects. When it comes to renovating your home and engaging trades for all the different building tasks, there can be confusion about the type of tradesperson required. A renovation will always require a qualified carpenter, but some people can be confused when they discover that a carpenter will not build cupboards, wall units or a custom kitchen in their home. There are carpenters, joiners, furniture makers and cabinet makers. We’re here to sort out any confusion, so you can work out who is best for the job.

Why Are Kitchen Island Bench Designs So Popular?

Versatile and oh so functional, it’s easy to see why kitchen islands are a must-have feature in open plan kitchens. The advantages to installing a kitchen island are many. It can be used for extra cooking and storage space, another workspace for homework/study; an eating space and more. Find out more about kitchen island bench designs so you can choose the best one for your kitchen remodel.

kitchen cabinets color combination

Kitchen Cabinets Colour Combination

Kitchen Cabinets Colour Combination

There are lots of exciting decisions to make when you design a new kitchen.  When considering a new kitchen colour scheme, there’s no need to settle for standard white or off white cabinets anymore. Recent design trends allow a lot of freedom for you to be creative and use a combination of cabinet colours rather than a single colour, to create a beautiful statement kitchen. At Exact Cabinet Makers we’ve got some handy design tips to help achieve an awesome kitchen cabinets colour combination for your new kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Layout

Determining the best kitchen layout is one of the first tasks of redesigning a kitchen. The best layout for your new kitchen will depend upon the size and shape of your pre existing space, as well as working out which layout best fits your criteria for storage, traffic and functionality. Kitchen layouts in Australia usually centre around an open plan design that is compatible with our love for entertaining and cooking.

What Is Transitional Style?

We are far more design-educated these days and people have a lot more confidence to create their own style. It’s little wonder that the ‘transitional style’ has become a thing, referring to a style which combines references and elements from previous design eras with new trends. Transitional style is simply the mixing of the old and the new to create a specific look that is coherent and beautiful.

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