What Do Cabinet Makers Do?

Cabinet Makers or Carpenters?

Cabinet makers in Melbourne will be experts in a range of different jobs and like most trades they will specialise in different types of projects. When it comes to renovating your home and engaging trades for all the different building tasks, there can be confusion about the type of tradesperson required. A renovation will always require a qualified carpenter, but some people can be confused when they discover that a carpenter will not build cupboards, wall units or a custom kitchen in their home. There are carpenters, joiners, furniture makers and cabinet makers. We’re here to sort out any confusion, so you can work out who is best for the job.

Part of the confusion about knowing who the right person is for a building job is the fact that there are lots of different ways to build. With the range of different materials and options for prefabricated and pre cut materials, some building jobs are simpler than others, requiring different levels of detail, and specialist tools. This is certainly the case when it comes to new kitchens. Your budget, the style of kitchen you want and the types of materials and finishes, will determine whether you need cabinet makers to build and install your kitchen, or whether your carpenter can do the job.

Cabinet Makers

A cabinet maker is someone who has been professionally  trained in making cupboards, cabinets, bookcases and entertainment units out of timber. They are highly skilled in detailed timber work and joinery, including how to join timber without nails and screws. Cabinet makers will use a range of tools to cut plywood, solid timber and manufactured materials. They will use routers to create different profiles for benches and doors. They will also use 3D visual design to custom design a range of kitchens and cabinetry to suit their clients. Cabinet makers also have skills in timber joinery.

Cabinet makers may specialise in certain types of cabinet making jobs, like kitchens, laundry and bathroom cabinetry. Although qualified to construct all sorts of cabinets, many cabinet makers may prefer these larger jobs and also choose a few larger customised units. In contrast to cabinet makers, furniture makers specialise in smaller individual pieces, like tables, smaller cupboards and chairs.


Carpenters usually work on larger projects and in interiors, typically construct framing, floors, doors, skirting boards, and ceilings. More detailed work that requires creating decorative door profiles and using routers to shape timber, or building cabinets from scratch, are usually not the work of a carpenter. That being said, many carpenters develop skills in more detailed work and enjoy designing and building custom projects for their clients.

Who installs your new kitchen will depend on whether you choose a flat pack kitchen or a custom designed kitchen designed and built by cabinet makers. This is a recent kitchen designed and built by Exact Cabinet Makers Melbourne.

Who Will Build My Kitchen?

Depending on the type of design layout and materials you want in your kitchen, you will have a choice of construction methods, quality and price. This will also determine who builds and installs your new kitchen. The main distinction that is made when choosing a kitchen is between a custom kitchen and a flat pack kitchen.

Flat Pack Kitchen

Flat pack kitchens are generally cheaper than custom kitchens. They are more often only available in standard dimensions, arrive in pieces in boxes and are screwed together onsite.  Although all flat pack kitchens are shipped in pieces and then assembled, they can vary significantly in quality, materials, and price.

A flat pack kitchen includes the carcass (made from melamine-faced chipboard), which is inexpensive to make, but strong. The carcass makes up the insides of the base and wall cabinets. The doors and side panels of the kitchen can be made from a choice of materials, including melamine or high gloss polyurethane finishes.  The bench top, cooktop, oven, sink and hard wear are then installed separately.

Varying your kitchen design

Your ability to vary the dimension and layout of cupboards, choose different door profiles, finishes and materials, will depend on where you buy your flat pack kitchen. It will also alter the price. Some flat pack kitchens allow a lot of customisation. The pieces of your kitchen will be individually cut to your specifications before arriving ready to be constructed and installed. Other kitchens allow less customisation and you will be limited by standard carcass dimensions and a limited choice of materials and finishes.

Who can install my kitchen?

Many carpenters will be happy to install your flat pack kitchen. In fact, if you are handy, the carcasses and doors are relatively easy to install yourself.  Of course there are still some basic skills required. Attention to detail and knowledge of how to level your floor, as an example, will make for a much more professional job. Always remember, a kitchen is more than just the cupboards, and includes electrics, plumbing and waterproofing, which always require the skills of professional trades. When you choose a flat flat pack kitchen professional cabinet makers are not required for installation.

When you choose cabinet makers to design and build a new custom kitchen, you enjoy a huge range of options, plus high quality, durable construction to last many years.

Custom Kitchen

Fully custom made kitchens are designed to the exact requirements of your space. They are designed and built off site by skilled cabinet makers. Your new kitchen is then delivered and installed in your home by qualified professionals from the same company. Unlike a flat pack kitchen, a custom designed kitchen built by qualified cabinet makers is usually made with better quality materials. Cabinet makers will work with solid timber or often plywood to build a custom kitchen, with high quality joinery.

From the initial stages of designing your kitchen, to the final stage of installation, a custom kitchen design company, Like Exact Cabinet Makers, take care of the entire process. This is different to installing a flat pack kitchen, which is delivered by the kitchen company, but can be installed by anyone.

Varying your custom kitchen design

When you come to a custom kitchen design company like Exact Cabinet Makers, our cabinet makers sit down with you and take your through a detailed design process. In consultation with you, after analysing your existing space, we develop a kitchen design and layout that best fits your needs and lifestyle. Next comes the process of choosing the materials, surfaces and finishes in your new kitchen. With a fully custom designed kitchen, you have an almost endless choice of available materials, door profiles, surfaces, colours and hardware. We help you choose the materials that best suit how your kitchen will be used, as well as the style of your new kitchen.

Who can install my custom kitchen?

When you have a kitchen custom designed and built by qualified cabinet makers, the same people who design and build your kitchen also install it. With a company like Exact Cabinet Makers, the entire installation process is taken care of. We also arrange for all electrics and plumbing to be done. This makes it a lot easier for our customers, who don’t have to worry about organising a plumber or electrician. In short, when you choose a custom kitchen, there’s no need to find a separate tradesperson to install your kitchen.

Cabinet Makers Melbourne

Hopefully we’ve sorted out any confusion about the differences between carpenters, cabinet makers and furniture makers, and what type of tradesperson is best to install your new kitchen. The answer is that the who installs your new kitchen will depend on the type of kitchen you choose. Carpenters will usually be happy to install a flat pack kitchen from Bunnings or Ikea. Custom cabinet makers will take care of the entire design, construction and installation of a new custom kitchen.

Many people trust the services of cabinet makers in Melbourne to design and install a new kitchen. Using professional cabinet makers ensures you get the exact design you want, built to fit your space. There’s also no need to compromise on style and material choice when choosing cabinet makers for your kitchen.



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