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What Do Cabinet Makers Do?

Cabinet Makers or Carpenters?

Cabinet makers in Melbourne will be experts in a range of different jobs and like most trades they will specialise in different types of projects. When it comes to renovating your home and engaging trades for all the different building tasks, there can be confusion about the type of tradesperson required. A renovation will always require a qualified carpenter, but some people can be confused when they discover that a carpenter will not build cupboards, wall units or a custom kitchen in their home. There are carpenters, joiners, furniture makers and cabinet makers. We’re here to sort out any confusion, so you can work out who is best for the job.

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What Is Transitional Style?

We are far more design-educated these days and people have a lot more confidence to create their own style. It’s little wonder that the ‘transitional style’ has become a thing, referring to a style which combines references and elements from previous design eras with new trends. Transitional style is simply the mixing of the old and the new to create a specific look that is coherent and beautiful.

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Is The Kitchen Important? Why Custom Cabinets?

Why Is The Kitchen So Important?

Kitchens in older homes were generally uninspiring places, shut off from the rest of the house to keep the business of cooking under wraps. Designed to be useful and practical, kitchens of yesteryear certainly weren’t the social hub of the home as they are today.

But why, in recent years in particular, has the kitchen become king? As kitchen cabinet makers we’ve seen our fair share of Melbourne kitchens and we have a few theories we’d like to share….


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