Kitchen Design Ideas 2019

Get your hands on the hottest kitchen design ideas 2019! We’ve sourced the latest looks from the biennial Eurocucina fair in Milan, as well as the predicted trends from Australian designers. Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s fresh and new for kitchen design ideas 2019.

Colour Trends For Kitchens

All-white kitchens might look sanitary but they’re hellish to keep clean. Perhaps that’s why they’re firmly on the backburner for 2019 colour trends.

If you’re going to use one colour in your kitchen reno, say Aussie designers, make it a strong one, such as a deep jewel shade or earthy tone, to add an element of sumptuousness to the kitchen area.

Dulux colour trends 2019 can provide creative inspiration for your kitchen to stand out from the rest. See how complementary tones in the palettes can be used for walls and cabinets as a surprise for the eye. Colour trends for 2019 are still inspired by nature, with greens, warm browns and complementary shades of ochre, highlighted by metallics and burnished gold. Don’t take nature- inspired for dull. Colours are bold and confident in the Dulux Identity range. A more muted scheme is found in Wholeness and Repair. Dulux Legacy continues the trend, with traditional echoes.

Any of the Dulux colour palettes works well with contemporary or classic kitchen layouts. If you want to be on par with Europe, then consider the Italian colour trend of using dark, dramatic shades for countertops, cabinetry and kitchen appliances, punctuated with accents of gold, white and grey.

Sophisticated Matte Finishes

Can’t decide between a flat matte and shiny gloss finish? It’s a no brainer. On trend kitchen cabinets, countertops, hardware and furniture will have a matte finish in 2019. Why you ask?

A matte finish is smooth, sophisticated and lends a sense of luxury to your kitchen. Matte surfaces also tend to disguise stains, smudges and scratches, while high gloss finishes emphasise them. You’ll spend less time cleaning and more time concocting delicious meals!

Low Maintenance Countertops

Fussing over your countertop isn’t on the cards for kitchen design ideas 2019. Ease of care, minimal grout and a simplified look is the latest trend for kitchen countertops. Concrete is a popular material for the ability to customise its color, shape, appearance, as well as its high recyclability.

An example of this is terrazzo, popular in the 50s and 60s, and now in demand for kitchen design ideas 2019 in a big way. You’ll love the way terrazzo, with its coloured chips of marble or granite set in polished concrete, lends a playful aspect and an injection of colour to your kitchen countertop.

Wellness Kitchens

Appliance brands are jumping on the wellness craze to offer new and improved ways of keeping food fresh, cooking nutritious meals and chilling cooked dishes. Some of the technology trends that are making that easier include:

  • Tiered steamers that quickly cook several foods at once
  • Bluetooth-enabled scales that weigh and calculate the nutritional information of an ingredient and provide recipes for cooking it
  • Touchscreens on fridges and freezers to look up recipes and keep track produce purchases
  • Food recyclers which transform food scraps into compost within 24 hours
  • Cabinets with running water and temperature control that function as indoor gardens
  • New and improved extractor hoods for cleaner kitchen air
  • Blast chillers that cool cooked dishes super quickly.

If your budget doesn’t run to a high-end kitchen remodel then you can create a feeling of wellness by using small plants and design elements from nature. Another simple way to factor wellness into your kitchen is to choose natural and organic products instead of chemical ones.

Customised Modular Kitchens

Imagine a kitchen that can be changed around to fit your lifestyle on a daily basis. Modular kitchens are popular in Italy with one company, Boffi, showcasing its newest design at Eurochina. It’s modular kitchen ‘Combine’ gives the user freedom of configuration with functional mono blocks, worktops and extractable tables in different shapes and sizes.

The modular form is ideal for compact kitchens as you can choose to have extra bench space, or put up an extractable dining table if you’re having friends over. In essence you can personalise the look and functionality of your kitchen depending on what you need it for.

Want An On Trend Kitchen For 2019?

If you’re interested in a kitchen remodel or new custom kitchen in Melbourne then Exact Cabinet Makers can help you with your kitchen design ideas 2019! We are leaders of custom kitchens in Melbourne and happy to give advice on kitchen design ideas or a quote. Contact us or visit our Kilsyth showroom to check out our sample materials and layouts.


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