kitchen cabinets color combination

Kitchen Cabinets Colour Combination

Kitchen Cabinets Colour Combination

There are lots of exciting decisions to make when you design a new kitchen.  When considering a new kitchen colour scheme, there’s no need to settle for standard white or off white cabinets anymore. Recent design trends allow a lot of freedom for you to be creative and use a combination of cabinet colours rather than a single colour, to create a beautiful statement kitchen. At Exact Cabinet Makers we’ve got some handy design tips to help achieve an awesome kitchen cabinets colour combination for your new kitchen.

What is a shaker style kitchen?

An example of combining two different kitchen cabinet colours. The key is to balance dark and light colours. The dark green-blue kitchen island is balanced by cream cabinetry.

How To Choose A Kitchen Colour Scheme

When choosing the colours for your new kitchen, there are a number of different elements to consider. It can help to get yourself a colour wheel, so you can begin to understand which colours go well together and learn about combining colours. Complementary colour schemes are those that combine colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel. Triadic combine three or more. And analogous colour schemes combine hues of colours that sit along side each other.

How big is your kitchen & how much natural light do you have?

How much natural light you have in your kitchen, as well as the size of your kitchen will help you decide on whether you want to use predominantly light or dark colours. This doesn’t mean that in a small kitchen you should only have light colours. It just means that the more dark colours you use, the darker and smaller the space will feel. A great way of using darker colours is to choose a dark hue for base cabinets and a neutral or lighter colour for wall cabinets. A very open, light kitchen may also benefit from using some darker colours to ground it and provide some warmth.

kitchen cabinets color combination

How much natural light you have in your kitchen will help determine the best colours for your kitchen cabinets


A timber & black kitchen cabinets colour combination

What type of kitchen style appeals to you?

In choosing a kitchen cabinets colour combination, the style of kitchen you choose will suggest particular colour combinations. For example, if you are going for the popular scandinavian look, then warm timber, white and neutrals are in keeping. A traditional art deco style of kitchen, will suggest more muted colours of black and blue, combined with the warmth of timber, white and metallics. An industrial style kitchen will use dark colours as well. A farmhouse kitchen may use warmer colours, with greens, yellows and terracotta.

There’s more to your kitchen than the cabinets and the benchtop

When you are picking a colour scheme for your kitchen, remember your kitchen is more than just cabinets and benchtops. If you are cautious about using a strong colour in your kitchen cabinets, keep  them white or neutral. Choose a colour for your splashback, or oven, cooktop or rangehood to create a focus. Feature walls, floors or even door handles can be the focus of your kitchen colour scheme.

The Best Kitchen Colour Schemes

Ultimately, when you are choosing a kitchen colour scheme, you should be guided by colours that you respond to. You can find lots of ideas and inspiration online, as well in nature and in art. And remember don’t feel like you have to go for the latest colour trends. Your kitchen designer will be able to assist with a kitchen cabinets colour combination that you’ll love living with for many years. Below are a couple of the main colour scheme trends.


A classic colour scheme that goes with contemporary, traditional and classic kitchens. Neutral never goes out of style and when done well will retain its beauty for years. Farmhouse or shaker style cabinetry look great with neutral colour schemes. Choose white or neutral cupboards combined with tiles or splashback in a light colour. Think duck egg blue, sage or primrose yellow.

Neutral does not always mean light or pale. The Neutral Palette in kitchens is getting darker. The trick is to combine darker shades with lighter shades to achieve a balance. Think about a 1970s inspired neutral palette of warm coffee, olive and metallics. The darker neutral palette suits a transitional style kitchen, or very contemporary, modern style of kitchen.

vibrant yellow kitchen colour scheme

A vibrant yellow kitchen colour scheme

Bold & Vibrant

Colour is having a big comeback in kitchens with a trend to bolder colour schemes. Colour can be used across kitchen cabinets, or by using it on a feature element or on the ever popular kitchen island. Red, orange, yellow, or bright blues are featuring.

Popular Kitchen Colours

Over the last twelve months shades of dark blue and grey have become increasingly popular. Morroccan colour schemes and motifs are continuing in popularity, and warm, neutrals and metallics that evoke a 1970s or bohemian feel are also featuring heavily.

Kitchen Cabinet Makers Melbourne

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