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Kitchen Cabinet Makers – How To Get The Best New Kitchen Result

If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen you’re probably pretty excited about it. The kitchen is the busiest room in your house and a social hub, so getting a brand new kitchen can be transformational for your lifestyle and the look of your home. That’s why finding the right kitchen cabinet makers to bring your ideas to life can be a little bit daunting.

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen also has a bigger budget than most other rooms in your home. For this reason you want to make sure you get the best value for the money you spend and end up with a first class result.

Visiting A Kitchen Cabinet Maker

When you start searching for kitchen cabinet makers, you’ll inevitably visit a few different custom kitchen showrooms to look at ideas and talk to the in-house designers, before you finally decide on the right one.

Communicating With Your Kitchen Cabinet Makers

There are some basic things you can do that will help guide the design process and will make communication with your kitchen designer easier. The clearer your communication, the easier it will be for your cabinet maker to design and build a kitchen that captures the look you love and that functions just the way you need it to.

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How Do You Want Your Kitchen To Look?

By the time you start visiting kitchen cabinet makers, you’ll probably have some idea about the style of kitchen you like. If not there are lots of places to find design ideas online and in kitchen magazines. Because it’s sometimes hard to translate an idea you have in your head, it’s important to start saving images you like and recording your ideas.

When considering the style of your kitchen, consider the overall design aesthetic. For example traditional, contemporary, rustic, industrial or minimalist. Other elements of design to consider include possible colours textures, shapes, finishes (metallic, glass, timber, polished, matte), and materials (stone, timber, glass, laminate, brass, stainless steel, ceramic, tiles).

There are lots of ways of recording your ideas, including:

  • creating a mood board by cutting out images;
  • saving images online using Houzz or Pinterest;
  • writing down or drawing your ideas;
  • collecting physical examples of colours, textures and finishes you like.

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How Do You Want Your Kitchen To Function?

The kitchen is where you prepare food, eat and socialise. It serves multiple purposes and needs to function successfully. In preparation for talking with your designer, record all the important functionality you want in your new kitchen. Ask yourself how you will use your kitchen on an everyday basis.

Have a look at your current kitchen and note down the things that work and the functionality you like. Also include things you don’t like (this will help your kitchen designer understand your likes and eliminate potential options).

Functions to consider include:

  • an eating area or breakfast bar
  • the size of a kitchen work area
  • the amount of storage space
  • the height of cupboards
  • the type of appliances you want and how you want to access them.

Contemporary Technology

Technology continues to transform the kitchen in the latest contemporary kitchen designs. You may want to explore some of these new wifi technologies, or incorporate new design ideas, like multiple ovens, concealed fridge drawers, or multiple sinks.

Prioritise Your Ideas

There will be some design and functional elements that are more important to you than others. Make a list of your main priorities and then a list of secondary priorities. This will help your designer when he or she  begins the design process.

Meeting With Your Kitchen Cabinet Maker

When you meet with your kitchen cabinet maker or designer, take your mood board and design ideas with you. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want. That’s what a designer is for. Many custom made kitchen designers use interactive 3D rendering to make the design process simple and make it easier for you to visualise your evolving design.

The important thing when you are communicating with a designer is to be as specific as you can about what you want. That’s why it helps to provide visual examples of your ideas. It’s not always easy to explain what you want and sometimes unfamiliarity with kitchen design terms, can lead to misunderstandings between clients and designers.

Finally, be honest with your designer, communicate regularly and ask for final designs or changes to be communicated in writing or via email.

Kitchen Designs Melbourne

If you would like to talk to someone about a custom made kitchen design, Exact Cabinet Makers can help. We have been designing and installing custom kitchens in Melbourne for over twenty years. We provide well priced, affordable custom kitchens and cabinetry.



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