Custom Kitchens: How Much Can You Customise A Kitchen?

In relation to custom kitchens, we often get asked: How much can you customise a kitchen? This blog gives you everything you need to know.

Owning a home has its advantages. As a homeowner you have total freedom to design a space that suits your needs perfectly.

When it comes to home renovations, the kitchen is the one area that you should concentrate on. Not only does this room give you the biggest return on your investment if you decide to sell later, it’s the one place you’ll spend the most time in for cooking, eating and socialising.

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, so why not customise yours exactly how you want it?

What Is A Custom Kitchen?

Custom kitchens go way beyond cookie-cutter, cheap kitchens with standard designs and out-of-the-box modular formats.

A custom kitchen is a fully functional space that takes your lifestyle into account. Much like getting a bespoke suit from a tailor, a custom kitchen is designed and built with you and your family’s needs in mind.

Best of all you get to choose all the materials and appliances that get installed in your custom kitchen, from the benchtop, to the custom cabinetry, to the lighting, and details like taps and joinery.

What Customisations Can You Get For Your Kitchen?

Many people aren’t aware of the vast array of ways in which a kitchen can be customised. They are often surprised at how easy it is to have their kitchen exactly the way they want it.

People have become so used to mass produced and imported items, rather than quality craftsmanship, that they compromise their own personal taste and style. You don’t have to do that with custom kitchens.

Here are some of the customisations you can have for your kitchen:

  • Materials – don’t settle for cheap materials, you can choose high quality benchtops and splashbacks
  • Doors and fronts – there are a wide choice of materials and finishes on the market for bespoke cabinets and pantries
  • Hardware – choose taps and joinery that are on trend, rather than standard issue
  • Layout – choose the best layout for you and your family despite strange sizes, spaces and heights.
  • Drawers, cupboards and storage spaces – choose essential elements so as to be organised and clutter-frer
  • Lighting – there are many fancy and high tech lighting possibilities
  • Colour combinations – preserve the design continuity of your home
  • Built-in appliances – streamline your kitchen for a minimalist look.

Can Custom Kitchens Improve Your Life?

The short answer is yes!

Improved Interaction

If your original kitchen was a source of embarrassment or never really inspired you to cook, then a custom kitchen opens up a whole new world of possibilities for socialising and entertaining. You’ll want to invite guests over more often to show off your space.

Installing custom kitchens with an open plan design means a much more functional space for you and your family. Everyone will enjoy hanging out there more often and you’ll get more use out of the room.

Improved Efficiency

Custom kitchens give you a more functional layout and free up much-needed counter space. Preparing and cooking food will now be a breeze!

A lack of storage can also be remedied with custom cabinetry to utilise extra height, and awkward or narrow spaces. Your kitchen will be more organised and streamlined and a joy to work in.

Improved Style

A custom kitchen is an opportunity to showcase your personal style and make it feel like your own. If you’ve purchased an older home, you can replace any features or appliances that are outdated or don’t suit your taste.

Improved Price

A home with an on trend custom kitchen will fetch a much better price when you decide to sell. Potential buyers are willing to pay a premium for homes with a renovated modern kitchen and yours will stand out from among the competition.

Like The Sound Of A Custom Kitchen?

Why settle for a kitchen that annoys you every time you cook or entertain? Isn’t it time you had one that caters to your unique needs and preferences?

At Exact Cabinet Makers we design and build custom kitchens for Melbourne customers who understand the importance of a modern kitchen and quality craftsmanship. Choose from a huge range of materials and hardware to customise your kitchen just the way YOU want it. Our qualified and highly experienced cabinet makers can deliver to any standard and any budget.

Contact us to discuss your custom kitchen requirements or request a free quote today.


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