Best Kitchen Pantry Designs

When renovating or installing a new kitchen you need to take into consideration the best kitchen pantry designs for your space. The right pantry should make food storage and preparation a breeze and be a fully functional feature of your kitchen.

Let’s take a look at some different types of kitchen pantries and kitchen design ideas to help you decide what’s right for your space.

Different types of kitchen pantries

1. Walk in pantry

A walk in pantry is a great addition to a kitchen, if you have the space for it. This is like a small room or closet with a door that can store a reasonable amount of food items and appliances. If you have a generous sized footprint for your kitchen, a walk in can be a handy addition if you do a lot of cooking and entertaining

2. Butlers pantry

A butlers pantry is a purely functional space for preparing, cooking and storing food. With a butlers pantry you can maintain a sparkling clean kitchen at all times, the action takes place in a separate room out of sight. Just shut the door to hide any mess or chaos. You will need an adjoining room or a generous floor plan to incorporate a butlers pantry into your kitchen design.

3. Pull out pantry

If space is at a premium or not particularly wide, a pull out pantry can be a solution. This is a drawer that glides out of a unit or a wall, and can be accessed from both sides. A pull-out is a very flexible style of pantry and is excellent for storing and retrieving everyday food items. The pull out pantry can be customised to match your kitchen design theme and the shelves inside can be made adjustable.

4. Freestanding pantry

When considering pantry designs for small kitchens, don’t rule out the possibility of a freestanding pantry. When space is tight but you need more storage, this is a good alternative to pull-out or walk-in pantries. You can get creative with a custom built kitchen cabinet pantry design or pick one up at a home store. Freestanding pantries, such as an armoire or bookcase, will add warmth and character to a classic kitchen.

What are the best kitchen pantry designs for different sized kitchens?

The layout and size of your kitchen will be the natural decider when considering the best kitchen pantry designs. Consider the layout of your existing kitchen and think about all the options you can work with.

You may have your heart set on a butlers pantry but you simply might not have the room for it, unless of course you have the budget for extending. Consider a smaller walk in pantry or, if you really don’t have much space, a pull-out or free standing pantry.

As long as the pantry optimises the layout, it will be an effective addition to your new kitchen.

What is the best size for a kitchen pantry?

Once you’ve decided on the type of pantry you want, the next thing to think about is the size.

The fact that you’re looking to remodel your kitchen suggests that it’s an important room in your household. It’s important therefore to think how a decent sized pantry might assist you with all the cooking tasks you undertake in the kitchen.

A small pull out pantry might seem ideal if you want to maximise the size of your kitchen. But a pantry that is too small will cause issues if you run out of space for food items, and you won’t be able to store handy cooking appliances. It will force you to look at makeshift storage solutions, that could ruin the streamlined look of your kitchen.

Is it a better option to have multiple pull out pantries dedicated to different food items?

On the other hand, a walk in pantry will allow you to comfortably store lots of goods, as well as larger appliances like microwaves. But if it is too large it will shrink your kitchen’s footprint and eat up your bench space.

Is it more practical to make it smaller so you can maximise your kitchen space?

There’s no exact formula when it comes to the perfect size. But an appropriate size pantry should be your goal, even if it means you have get a little creative with corner spaces or nooks and crannies.

What’s the best location for a kitchen pantry?

You may not have given much thought to where you want your pantry. But location does make a big difference. If it’s too far away from the main workspace it means a lot of fetching and carrying. Trying to cook a dish can turn into a miserable experience when it doesn’t have to be.

With a little forethought and planning your kitchen design, you can find the sweet spot. It might be right next to the fridge or next to the bench so it can serve as a landing area for items you take from the pantry. Wherever you decide, a pantry should be within the primary kitchen work zones.

For example, consider a small pull-out pantry between the cooktop and oven so flour, spices and seasonings are right on hand when you need them most. A larger pull-out pantry on the outer edge of the kitchen is better utilised for extra flour, speciality items and seldom-used appliances wine and serveware.

Do you need help with your kitchen pantry design?

Keep these 3 key characteristics in mind when considering the best kitchen pantry designs for your new kitchen:

  1. Convenience – placed in a handy location
  2. Visibility – you can see food items at a glance
  3. Accessibility – you can retrieve and store food items easily.

A kitchen pantry is an important part of good kitchen design, making it easy to store and find all your pantry items. How big your pantry needs to be depends on how much you store, and the overall design aesthetic you want to achieve.

When you work with us to design a new custom kitchen, we sit down with you and get the right kitchen pantry design for your needs. Whether it’s a butler’s pantry, a pull out pantry or even a small walk in pantry in a small space, our in-house designers and 3d design process will create a practical, workable, beautiful design as part of your brand new kitchen.

Exact Cabinet Makers are experts in creating custom kitchens for Melbourne homes. Contact us to discuss your ideas and achieve a functional, stylish and long lasting kitchen that serves the needs of you and your family.


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